For Physicians and Healthcare Providers

At Practice-Alliance, our ambition is to help build your practice referral base by engaging referral sources and cultivating a consumer marketing reputation. With over a decade healthcare practice development and marketing experience, we understand how valuable your time is with each patient encounter. Our goal is to maximize your marketing communication efforts while allowing you to focus on patient care, by providing the below menu of services to help attain referral volume growth.

Network Marketing*

This service will consist of an allocated amount of hours per month by a dedicated liaison to physically marketing your practice out in the medical community, with weekly updates. Field and relationship marketing efforts at various physician practices and urgent cares, introductions and discussions with health plans/medical groups for contracting and referral purposes, scheduling of and/or attendance at one-on-one physician meetings (lunches, dinners, etc.), business to business, setup up and/or involvement in consumer engagement seminars, events and lectures. Distribution of promotional items and personalized marketing materials1

Initial practice evaluation and online reputation assessment

Our team will spend up to 3 hours with you or your Practice Manager to determine how we can best market your specialty or practice. Before Practice-Alliance is able to truly build your reputation, we need to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to help grow your practice referral volume.

Video Marketing in partnership with


Eternal Perspective Productions

At Eternal Perspective Productions our mission is to help you grow your business, increase your sales, and share your unique story through the power of video! We are with you every step of the way during the production process, from start to finish. We help you dream up and create ideas that align with your marketing needs, or help you conceptualize your own ideas. We even offer Video Consultation Services to help you establish your next steps and have a crystal clear vision for your Video Marketing.

Eternal Perspective Productions specializes in helping you Create, Capture, and Share a variety of videos including: Commercials, Social Media Content, Client Testimonials, Brand Campaigns, Corporate Videos and Meetings, Product & Training Videos, and Conferences and Live Events. We also offer outstanding Live-streaming Services for Conferences, Events, or anything you need to share LIVE. Whatever the project may be, we’d love to help!

Website build and Search Engine Optimization

A creative website is just not enough. With this package, we can build and maintain your website to help ensure that you not only exist - but are found. Search ranking is achieved by a dedicated resource to improving your website’s design and presence. To compete in this market space, it requires the proper experience and strategies to achieve search optimization.

The Alliance Package *

A full-scale digital and field marketing campaign to include a combination of all the above services.


Each level of service will include a monthly analysis and evaluation. Package prices are for a 6-month commitment.

*Package prices are for a single provider/practice. Additional providers/locations will be billed additionally based on the level of marketing requested by the client.


**To include 1 paid social media post/month for boosting likes acquisitions, events, services, etc. Additional paid posts will incur an additional cost when indicated.

1 Practice-Alliance advises the design and distribution of promotional items/marketing materials with the expense to be incurred by the client. Recommendations will be offered and ordered through Practice-Alliance and its approved vendors.


Orange County, Riverside County, & LA County